In-home Tech Supportby Scot Cleveland

Patient, cheerful and friendly help with your computers, tablets, mobile phones and home network.

Whether you need new Internet service set up, need a computer virus removed, or want to learn how to use a popular software program, I'll bring a whole new brand of respectful customer service to the project.

"My friend/relative says they can help me for free. Why shouldn't I use them?" Well, you should, when it works for your needs. But consider that your friend or relative probably has a "real" job to do, so you'll have to wait until they get off work, pick up the kids from school, etc. Then, when they do get there, they are tired and maybe a little bit grumpy.

When you hire me, working for you is my real job. I've got nowhere else to be and nothing else to do while I'm "on the clock". When a friend or relative does it for free, it's a burden for them. When you hire me, I am grateful for the work and happy to be there.

Please check out my service offerings, then pop on over to my contact page to set up an appointment.